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Story Telling

An art form from the Continent of Africa

Is Said has traveled to Africa every year for the last 30 years.

Story telling helps an audience to use their imagination and work together as a group. It stretches the mind beyond the sounds of joy and beauty. It is shapes of twisted information weaving a story and bringing the audience into your story. Is Said usually tell stories that require a cast of which the audience  is used to act out the story. This gives the audience a chance to see and be right in the story as it unfolds messages of fun and history. Story telling is much like performing performance poetry,  One uses their whole body to tell the story. Minor rules of story telling: every story must have a beginning, middle, and an ending, characters, dialogue, location, place of action, moral, message, sometimes music, dance, animals, conflicts and conclusions. The most important thing about understanding a story is, using your imagination.
Author, mentor, community-based activist and educator, Is Said provides sage leadership on a national level as well as in the greater Columbus arts community. He conceives, stages, writes, and performs unique multimedia arts events, combining visionary, historical-based poetry or prose synergistically with high-energy African music and dance. Founding the Columbus-based “Advance Party” in 1973, he brings to life a powerful, spiritual vision to inspire, inform, and empower diverse audiences. With an inclusive multicultural approach, Is Said serves formally and informally as consultant to many arts agencies and individuals, seeking his wisdom born of a lifetime of community experience. He shares his expertise with school age or homeless youth, growing artists, and senior citizens, conducting educational workshops fostering literacy, creativity, performance skills and, most importantly, self-awareness.  Is Said received the King Arts Complex 24th Annual Legends & Legacies Award in 2011.
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"The Devil is Born" written by Is Said directed by Herb Jones Friday & Saturday May 2-3 7:30 pm Friday & Saturday May 9-10 7:30 pm Sunday Dinner Theater May 11, 2014 Dinner: 2:00 pm Show Time: 3:00 pm Visit our website: or like us on facebook (614-447-8810 or 614-372-8480)